Wednesday, March 09, 2011

March 9th - The Prime Time Folk Special

2. JOHN FAHEY Requiem for John Hurt
3. NICK DRAKE Time Has Told Me
4. JACKSON C. FRANK Milk and Honey
5. JEFF ALEXANDER Come Wander With Me
7. VINCENT GALLO Yes, I'm Lonely
8. RIP TRICKER Drunk at Christmas
9. SCOTT WALKER 30 Century Man
10. PETER SARSTEDT Where Do You Go To My Lovely
12. CONNIE CONVERSE Talkin' Like You (Two Tall Mountains)
Prospect Hummer
17. Crazy People

18. Oo La La
19. CASS McCOMBS County Line
20. LEONARD COHEN Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye

Nicholas Spasm Band

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

as if working at a factory that produces both chicken fingers and paintballs isn't spirit crushing enough, the lead lined walls that stunt the intellectual development of my fellow employees also acts as a barrier for my one beacon of hope on the saturday morning mandatory overtime shift...the radiowaves that carry the musical magic of the bill murrays.
after work it is the thought of indulging in an online rebroadcast of their auditory awesomess that keeps my feet moving as i trudge home through the slop and slush that the lion of march in his infinite wisdom decided to dump on our fair city. i make a silent prayer that the lamb of march, being the yin to his yang-will be merciful. i then wonder if punxsutawney phil's propecy will in fact spell the end to winter's wrath? again i pray, for my back is weary of shovelling and the withering, crenated skin of my hands can no longer tolerate the sting of salt. but i digress.
upon arrival home my listening efforts are again thwarted, for alas the link to stream episode 33 is not yet active. i begin to suspect that the ides of march have arrived early.
so i adjust the rabbit ears on my tele and turn the dial to UHF, and through static i make out images of japan that would make godzilla proud. having lost all sound on my set many years ago i have become quite adept at lip reading, but the newscaster's suggestion that japan is now seven feet closer to north america has me wondering if something has been lost in translation.
i change the channel and see images of upheaval in some oil rich foreign country ruled by a daffy colonel and i wonder: how phil davison would handle the situation? for surely he would see the opportunity amidst a situation more difficult than chosing which spelling of the aforementioned colonel's surname to use.
i change the channel one last time and catch chef charlie creating a WINNING dish and mouthing words of wisdom, like so much mayonnaise on wonderbread. even now as i now sit and reflect on his lessons both in the kitchen and in life one MASHEENISM sticks with me as i contemplate my inability to access my favourite radio broadcast: it is causing my "soul to weep and forfeit".
i play tetris for hours as i wait for the bill murrays to stream on the interwebs, but my game is off as i am haunted by a voice that keeps asking me "where's that red one gonna go?" regardless of the colour of the tetromino. i long for the sounds of the dirty beaches and i wonder if this 'Lovesick' superfan will receive a promised dose before their next broadcast on the morn of the supermoon.
it is this hope that keeps this meatball from wilting like some broken flower. i wonder what other new music the bill murrays have up their tweed, leather elbow patched sleeves this week. hope and wonder...'so i got that goin' for me, which is nice'.