Saturday, January 22, 2011

Episode 26 - Live from Dirty Beaches

1. DIRTY BEACHES Speedway King
2. Horses
3. Breakfast With Edie
4. Tango Tango
5. ELVIS PRESLEY Mystery Train
6. Blue Moon
7. THE MAMAS AND THE PAPAS California Dreamin'
8. DIRTY BEACHES 100 Highways
9. Lone Runner
11. Golden Desert Sun
12. SUICIDE Surrender
13. VINCENT GALLO I Wrote That Song for the Girl Paris Hilton
Dark Night of the Soul
15. ELVIS PRESLEY First In Line
18. DJ SHADOW What Does Your Soul Look Like? (Part 3)
19. DIRTY BEACHES Lord Knows Best

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

as i trawl through the intriguing bill murray back catalogue i stumble upon the episode that converted me to an avid listener-this here episode # 26.
as i recall: i had just returned home from another mindnumbing twelve hour overnighter at the chicken ball/ finger paint emporium and i decided to chill things out a bit by making it a relaxing, suntory time. with whiskey in hand i made my way to the hi-fi and was about to put some seu jorge on when a life changing decision was made...
i rolled the FM dial to 94.9 and expected to hear the latest in punjabi polyrhythms or perhaps some iranian folk disco. instead i was greeted by what sounded like the ghost of elvis gettin' the garage treatment and being surfed out a transistor radio. i was hooked instantly. a couple of tracks later the DJ deftly rode that vibe right into the king's version of 'mystery train'and i knew i was onto some sorta special, secret satelitte transmission straight to the aural region of my brain's pleasure center.
as i continued my magical, musical tour, i poured myself a campari and the mixture of bitter and whiskey combined with a week's worth of nighttime sleep deprivation put me out quicker than a round of Golf Wang down at the 'kill them all' arcade. how long i was out for i'm not sure, but i awoke disoriented by some sort of lynchian dystopian dialogue. elvis then re-entered the building and promptly gave up the ghost again, surfing his way back into that true blue transistor radio.
since my conversion, my dreams have been filled with dum dum girls laying on the dirty beaches of the best coast in the world. the soundtracks to these dreams are so vivid that sometimes i awake with sand in my hair and a speedo wedgie. playing on the dreamy bill murray boom box are ol' faves like kool keith, ween, pixies and they constantly remind me that wu-tang clan ain't nothin' ta fuck wit.
so every saturday since i've tuned in to hear pammie's deadpan soliloquies and to pick up on whatever mikey's ear has dredged up from the underground, and they've yet to disappoint.