Sunday, April 17, 2011

1. AL GREEN Jesus is Waiting
2. WHISKEYTOWN Too Drunk to Dream
3. NEIL YOUNG Are You Ready for the Country?
4. BOB DYLAN Queen Jane Approximately
5. NICK DRAKE Time Has Told Me
6. THE KINKS Waterloo Sunset
7. THE CREATION Making Time
8. THE UNDERTONES My Perfect Cousin
9. THE RAMONES I Don't Wanna Go Down to the Basement
10. 53rd and 3rd
11. THE MODERN LOVERS I'm Straight
12. Roadrunner
13. THE WALKMEN Fly Into the Mystery
14. BUDDY HOLLY Pammy Sue
15. THE CRYSTALS Da Doo Ron Ron
16. THE CRYSTALS Then He Kissed Me
17. DIRTY BEACHES Lord Knows Best
18. True Blue
19. BUCK 65 50 Gallon Drum
20. PANDA BEAR Tomboy
21. MOS DEF Ms. Fat Booty
22. THE PIXIES I've Been Waiting For You
23. The Thing
24. THE SMITHS What She Said
25. THE ORGAN It's Time to Go
26. JUNIOR BOYS In the Morning
27. JFM Mango
28. KID YEARS Tempertone
29. PURITY RING Ungirthed
30. ITSAGAMBLE Sleeper Sell

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