Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Episode 130


  1. HOLDEN MAIN Sunflower Saturn Cheese House Wine (Demo)

  2. THE MOUTHBREATHERS Hitch Your Horse
    (Appetite for Deconstruction)

  3. OLD AND WEIRD All Of My Friends
    (All My Friends)

  4. Space and Practice 
    (Space and Practice)

  5. PIXIES Lovely Day
    (Trompe Le Monde)

  6. GLASS CANDY Nueva Version

  7. Remodelada
    (bicicleta emocional 7'')  

  8. Sugar and Whitebread
    (The Nite Nurses 2005 Tour CDR)

  9. CHROMATICS Looking for Love
    (After Dark 2)

  10. SUICIDE Girl

  11. THE BROTHERS JOHNSON Strawberry Letter 23
    (Jackie Brown Soundtrack)

  12. CHIC I Want Your Love
    (Dance Dance Dance The Best Of Chic)  

  13. SURFACE Falling In Love
    (Falling In Love)

  14. TRICKY Tricky Kid
    (Pre-Millennium Tension) 

  15. BOARDS OF CANADA Reach for the Dead
    (Tomorrow's Harvest)

  16. DUSTY SPRINGFIELD Anyone Who Had A Heart

  17. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
    (A Girl Called Dusty)

  18. OLD AND WEIRD Minstrel Rock
    (Craft Single)

  19. GUIDED BY VOICES I Am Produced

  20. Now To War
    (Mag Earwhig!)

  21. QUAKER PARENTS Your Move

  22. When You Can't Beat The Dream
    (No Crime When Covered In Grime)


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