Monday, April 01, 2013

1. MOONWOOD Trans Martian Disko
(Trans Martian Express)

2. MAN FOREVER Surface Patterns
(Pansophical Cataract)

3. HOLDEN MAIN Chad Kroeger
(Chad Kroeger)
4. Sunflower Saturn Cheese House Wine

5. TYVEK Little Richard
6. City of Dream
7.  Wayne County Roads
(On Triple Beams)

8. DAS RAD Silver Latrine
9. Hunter
10. Black Widow
11. Vacuum
(Pleasence EP)

12. BIG BLACK  Passing Complexion

13. CURB Zurich Housing

14. MENAHAN STREET BAND Make the Road by Walking
(Daptone Gold)

15. ENO Fullness of Wind
(Discreet Music)

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